Mario Buljan

Business trainer, corporate culture expert and CEO of the eWyse digital agency

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Mario Buljan

Business trainer, corporate culture expert and CEO of the eWyse digital agency

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Mario excels in in the process of implementing a positive changes in culture of the organizations, with the aim of accomplishing key organizational results. He also has great experience in negotiation and sales skills trainings. Mario successfully aids HR managers in mastering the measurement of the success of the education on the organization in order to show visible and measurable results.

Organisational culture

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Negotiation skills

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Presentation skills

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Mario Buljan

Mario’s trainings are held in all business sectors, especially in the banking sector, and the FMCG of the manufacturing and retail industry. Some of his more prominent international and regional clients are Unicredit group, Raiffeisenbank, Ernst & Young, Loreal, Sony, Zoetis, Roche, Agrokor group, Vetropack group, and many more.

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Education on the topic of Organizational Culture is definitely a step forward for all the employees of our Bank which has been confirmed by our results in 2014. in terms of achieved volume, number of provided services, increase of productivity and effectiveness of leadership.

I think that there are still many areas in which we can collaborate.

Michele Romano, President of the Board, Veneto bank - Gruppo Veneto Banca

During the past years, OTP Bank has been cooperating with Mario Buljan several times for different topics (self-management, development of different employee skills etc). Mario and his eWyse team members are characterized by a high level of professionalism and flexibility, which enables a maximum of adjustment to the individual customer and its specific needs. During our cooperation, the employees have gained a platform for successful application of the new skills and knowledge as well as a positive change in behavior.

Damira Burčul, Director Human Capital Organization and Management, OTP Bank

Our cooperation with Mario and his team started in 2012. I personally had the opportunity to attend training on “ROI on Education” in an organization. This training helped me to become aware of all necessary elements of which a HR professional like me has to account for – making sure that education is aimed at our employees and designed accordingly and finally measuring the effect of it on knowledge, behavior, results and even ROI. Our cooperation has been continuing by organizing and performing trainings on top management level. Their great flexibility and customer orientation is definitely to be highlighted as great advantage of this company.

Katja Matić, Recruitment & L&D Senior Professional Adria / Balkan, L'ORÉAL

Mario Buljan and his eWyse team has been our trusted partner for educating our employees for the last couple of years. This partnership is characterized by easy communication and flexibility in all areas as well as the high level of professionalism and knowhow of every member of their team.

The workshops and seminars are always delivered at a very high level, which has not only been confirmed by our own workforce but also many attendants who continuously show their high satisfaction through feedback.

Through careful observation of our needs as well as their willingness to adjustments we often discover new topics and ideas for our collaboration, which endorses how much they tirelessly shows off a maximum of customer orientation.

Gordana Šimunić, Specialist for Learning and Development, Unicredit Group

Our whole team – starting at top management level down to front line employees who are in direct contact with our customers – has been exposed to the trainings. During the training process, many things have changed, but most of all, our employees have been starting to experience our organization’s key results in a different way than before. They started to embrace them with passion. Also, this resulted in our employees developing self-awareness of when they are working in non-productive areas and then applying the new gained tools so they could on a daily basis move into more productive ways of working. Through the implementation of the attended training, we definitely enhanced our company’s culture in that we became one big company family. Our departments pulled together and are now really working all together on problem solving towards reaching key results.

Dino Haračić, Area Business Manager SEER, Zoetis - Animal Health Company

“ROI on Education” training course gave me a specific tool and structure for measuring the effects of education, as well as for assessing needs. Most importantly, I started questioning myself and changed the way I worked until then.

Jasna Justinić Pakrac, Head of Human Capital Development, Zagrebačka Banka - Unicredit Group

For the last two years Roche has been cooperating with the Mario and his eWyse team. Roche employees, depending on their development needs, have attended open door trainings and their feedback was always very appreciative and good. The impact from the training was visible especially for those that had presentation and negotiation skills training. Mario and his team are very flexible for any kind of collaboration, quick in providing information when asked and they adapt easily to non-custom requests.

Tamara Pirker, Human Resource Manager, Roche

Mario and eWyse team has been our longtime partner in organizing sales and negotiation skills trainings. All of the trainings have been adjusted to the specific needs of our small bank as the trainers have beforehand acquainted themselves in detail with the work at the bank and accordingly defined the needs of our participants. Our employees highly valued the fact that the training was connected to specific examples of their everyday working as well as the high-quality training material (printed and online).

Other than the sales and negotiation skills training, I want to emphasize the success of the training on Accountability, which was done with our directors and leaders of the bank as all of the expected results of the training have been reached. This specific training is about bringing true change to a company’s culture rooted in personal responsibility and accountability.

Slađana Bojić Andrić, Head of Human Resources Management, Veneto Bank - Gruppo Veneto Banca

We started cooperating with Mario Buljan and eWyse agency in 2015. on several training topics. During our Leadership training course, we learned that successful teams need clear expectations and common purpose, open communication and honesty between its members. We also became aware of situations in leading which led to us using new tools and creating winning teams.

We want to continue our development with Mario and eWyse because their training courses are highly interactive and positive and had strong impact on our employees.

Vedrana Vranješ, Head of Department for Domestic FInancial Transactions, Croatian Post Bank - HPB

The negotiation skills training was worth the investment, trainer Mario has indeed fulfilled the promises he had given at the beginning of the training: “As of today, you will never ever again leave not even one negotiation setting as a loser.” I am very pleased to have been able to attend your training. Thank you for sharing your knowledge; thank you for these days spent together as they are now part of my bright memories. I am very much looking forward to again attend one of your trainings.

Jadranka Tonšić, Specialist for Employee Training and Development,Service for Human Resources Development – Center for Education, FINA - Financial Agency

It has been always very pleasant to work with you, especially we would like to highlight your professionalism and courtesy in all business contacts. We believe that our good cooperation will continue in the future.

Andrea Doko Jelušić, Executive Director, American Chamber of Commerce in Croatia

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