Negotiation skills


Many participants of the negotiation skills training come to the course thinking that the goal of negotiating is to gain the maximum benefit for themselves. We immediately ditch this assumption by presenting negotiating as a noble skill. The goal of utilizing that skill is to come to an agreement acceptable to both sides so that we can achieve long-term business relationships. By seeing negotiations in this new light, participants develop a skill that helps them reach high-quality deals in external and internal negotiations, as well as in their private and professional lives. The skills and tools the participants gain in the course guarantee maximum win-win scenarios when negotiating.

Target group

Sales representatives and consultants, internal and external contract negotiators, managers in positions that require negotiation with other business partners, procurement managers and many other who want to develop their negotiation skills.


  • What you need to know before negotiations
  • How to prepare for negotiations
  • Difference between the negotiation position and interests
  • Difference between sales and negotiations
  • Available options
  • Reacting to the other party’s behaviour – emotional intelligence in negotiations
  • When to begin negotiating and what to discuss
  • How to procure vital information
  • How to utilize non-verbal communication
  • How to actively listen and understand the other side
  • How to effectively present ideas
  • When to emphasize the benefits
  • How to trade and when to compromise
  • How to close negotiations


  • Negotiate with self-confidence
  • Understand and recognize the type of a negotiator they are dealing with
  • Consciously use non-verbal communication
  • Creatively and cleverly reach a win-win scenario


Training consists of a plethora of discussions and interactive practice work.

Duration of the training is 2 consecutive days.