Organisational culture

Implementing positive changes in an organisational culture is the key component to achieving better business results. This obvious tautology is known to every management team. However, when it comes to implementation, many encounter unforeseen problems.

That kind of change can be implemented only by the top-down principle. We can achieve results only if we change the behaviour patterns of the management and create new experiences for employees. Increased productivity and creativity, and a happy workforce are the direct outcome of a change in the organisational culture.

  • How to achieve desirable changes:
  • Define the change goals
  • Assess organisational values
  • Consult with the key stakeholders
  • Kick-off a motivational workshop


In the workshop, we jointly create fundamental changes in individuals who, in turn, are going to influence the organisation as a whole by changing its mind-set. The idea is that all of them together become aware of the change and their roles in the culture of the organisation, as well as in its change.  It is possible (and preferred) to organise “Train the Trainer” education to engage internal trainers in larger organisations.

After the workshop, it is necessary to maintain and further develop the desired culture. That task is the responsibility of the HR department and the management as they possess the required know-how and tools to continue with the positive change. In that process, continuous consultations and company culture evaluations are needed to achieve further goals and assess the results.

Every organisation has its set of problems and the approach, as well as the subject matter, must be accordingly adjusted.  One thing that is certain is that no problem is unsolvable and that, for a change to occur, the only thing you need is some determination and a quality process structure.