Presentation skills


The presentation skills training is definitely Mario’s favourite. The reason, as he states, is that he can clearly see the improvement in each individual participant, from the intro on the first day to the final presentation. Progress is substantial and clear regardless of prior individual experience, and this is the greatest achievement for a trainer.

Presenting in front of an audience is, for many, a source of great stress and discomfort. However, we overcome that barrier at the very start of the course and polish our presentation skills in a pleasant working environment.

Target group

Managers, consultants, the salesforce and all other employees who are in a position to present in front of an audience.


  • How to deal with tension and stress
  • How to prepare for your presentation
  • What presentation structure will work best
  • Presenting yourself and your company or a product
  • Presenting a theme in an imaginative and successful way
  • How to use visual aids
  • How to answer questions and critique
  • How to break awkward silence
  • How to deal with possible hecklers
  • Balancing the listener-speaker relationship
  • Nonverbal communication
  • What closing to use


During this energetic and very practical training, you will gain insights and ability to self-confidently and persuasively:

  • Prepare a quality presentation
  • Present in an effective and attention-grabbing way
  • Keep your audience on the edge of the seat
  • Use a range of tools during presentation
  • Deal with unpredictable situations
  • Improve your skills with every presentation you make


This interactive training consists of theoretical information, exchange of feedback and practical exercises. Feedback is provided after each exercise as well as at the end of the training. Each participant receives a video footage of his/her presentations. Each participant gets to practice presenting more than six times during the training. That way, participants become more skilful in delivering a clear and well thought-out message to the public. The presentation skills of each participant significantly improve after the training!

Duration of the course is 2 consecutive days.