Being aware of the fact that that it isn’t the seller who wants to sell, but the buyer who wants to buy, has changed the approach and the concept of the sale process from the core. This training offers a unique approach to the sale process through the buying cycle, differing from most of today’s sales trainings that are based on the so-called sales mountain.

Approaching sales through the buying cycle assures that the buyer is at the centre of your sales aspirations. Through this approach, a relationship based on trust, as the core of sales, is established between you and the buyer. The focus is on the complete understanding of the buyer’s needs and problems; presentation of the product to the buyer so they understand its value; development of a partnership with the buyer based on mutual trust.

Target group

Sellers, sales representatives, sales advisors, sales managers…everyone taking part in the B2B or B2C sales processes. This programme offers strong support to the sales staff to help them find the right solution for buyer satisfaction based on their needs.


  • Understanding the buyer’s needs and motivation to buy
  • Recognition, understanding and selling the true value of products and services based on the recognized buyer’s need
  • Buyer’s perception of our shops – how do buyers see us?
  • Understanding our buyer’s shopping cycle
  • Difference in features, advantages, and usefulness of the product
  • Presenting the perfect deal for the customer based on their needs
  • Dealing with complaints



By the end of this intensive training students will:

  • Plan calls to schedule meetings with clear goals and a strategy
  • Build a relationship with the customer and present the intrinsic value of the product and service
  • In addition to the obvious ones, pinpoint client’s hidden needs
  • Understand the importance of different perceptions the buyer has about us
  • Recognize every phase of the sales process and understand their role as salespersons
  • Present solutions to the buyers and recommend solutions that best serve their customers
  • Correctly respond to any misunderstandings, suspicions and worries the customers may have
  • Use values to overcome customers’ complaints about the price
  • Understand the importance of features and benefits of a product or a service and their usefulness to the customer
  • Effectively close sales
  • Be appreciated by customers as experts and consultants who solve their problems and add value to their buyer-seller relationships

Sales process

A completely new approach to sales through the buying process assures a successful sale and development of a partnership with the buyer.


The course is highly interactive; with a plethora of exercises, discussions, role-playing and teamwork. The materials for participants contain an overview of the key points, activities and exercises in addition to an individual “Action Plan” for each participant allowing them to instantly use the acquired knowledge in real life scenarios.

Duration of the training is 2 consecutive days.